Pole Dancing

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Pole Dancing

Pole Dancing | Sams Personal Studio - McAllen, TX

Step into a pole dancing class at Sams Personal Studio in McAllen, TX and get ready to gain a strong core, a toned physique, and a sexy, confident attitude! Unlike many fitness regimens, pole dancing fitness works nearly all of your muscle groups at the same time and offers an incredible workout. Bring friends or come alone to enjoy our fun and friendly atmosphere. Whether you want to try a challenging new workout or want to learn some sexy moves on the pole, our pole dancing classes are right for you!

We offer a variety of classes for different experience levels, such as:

Intro To Pole –Our beginner class is the perfect way to learn the fundamentals of pole dancing. You’ll get fit while learning the basics, including spins and static holds. The beginner class introduces you to the full body pole dancing workout so that you can get started on tightening and toning.

Pole Fitness Level 2 –This is an intermediate to advanced class and is the next step after you’ve mastered the Intro To Pole class. The class builds on concepts learned in the beginner class while adding inversions and combos for an even more intense workout.

Polesque –Combining pole dancing with the sexy moves of burlesque, polesque teaches the fundamental techniques of pole dancing while adding burlesque movements, combos, and choreography.

Pole Flight –Pole flight is a mixture of Aerial Silks and pole fitness. This class is designed to get the best of both aerial silks and pole in a one 1hr long class.

Whether you’re a pole novice or an expert ready to learn exciting combos, join one of our pole dancing classes. You’ll experience an intense full body workout, complete with sexy moves and a fun studio atmosphere. Build your confidence and tone your body for a beautiful, confident new you!

You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can learn pole dancing moves and how much change you will see in your body after only a few lessons.

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