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For a fun and unique way to get in shape, choose personal training and dance classes at our studio!

Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer | Sams Personal Studio - McAllen, TX

If you’ve dedicated yourself to improving your body and putting yourself on the path to health and fitness, a personal trainer can be a great help. Sams Personal Studio offers personal training that will help you focus on your individual fitness needs while crafting a plan that’s all about you. Your personal trainer will work with you to target your fitness needs and find the best plan to work toward your goals. Choose how many sessions you want and get started on your personal fitness journey.

We offer a range of sessions to suit your needs, such as:

4 Hours per Month –Meet weekly with your fitness trainer to check in and plan for the next week. You’ll have an hour per week to focus on your goals and training.

8 Hours per Month –Twice-weekly personal training sessions will have a major impact on working toward your goals. Prepare for intense hour-long workouts and craft a personalized plan to keep you on track to meeting your fitness goals.

12 Hours per Month –Meet with your personal trainer three times per week to really jumpstart your fitness journey! Each session will have a different focus and a different set of workouts, so you will quickly see improvement as you work toward your fitness goals.

Choosing a personal trainer is one of the best ways to get in shape, and Sams Personal Studio offers a great atmosphere and a supportive attitude that is perfect for personal training. Visit our McAllen, TX studio and choose a personal trainer and a training schedule that works for your and your goals. Get ready for an amazing fitness transformation!

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