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Pole Dancing

Pole Dancing | Sams Personal Studio - McAllen, TX

Step into a pole dancing class at Sams Personal Studio in McAllen, TX and get ready to gain a strong core, a toned physique, and a sexy, confident...

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Belly Dancing

Belly Dancing | Sams Personal Studio - McAllen, TX

Whether you’ve mastered other types of dance or have never danced a step in your life, belly dancing is a fun way to get fit and learn to dance! Belly...

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Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer | Sams Personal Studio - McAllen, TX,TX

If you’ve dedicated yourself to improving your body and putting yourself on the path to health and fitness, a personal trainer can be a great help...

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Welcome To Sams Personal Studio

Sams Personal Studio offers fun and flirty pole dancing, belly dancing, and personal trainer services in McAllen, TX. No matter your age, level of experience, or fitness goal, we have a huge variety of classes that you’ll love! Challenge yourself and find a workout that you actually enjoy. We have something that will help you tighten, tone, and feel good about your body. Start your fitness journey with classes at Sams Personal Studio. We guarantee you’ll love the new confident you!

Why should you take a class at Sams Personal Studio? Pole dancing and belly dancing classes are an amazing, fun way to exercise. Dancing works almost all of your muscle groups with energizing music in a fun atmosphere. All types of people join our classes, from college students to fabulous middle aged divas, so you’ll never feel out of place. We make everyone feel welcome in our studio, and we empower you to feel fabulous when you walk out the door.

Pole dancing and belly dancing aren’t just fitness fads, they are modern and unique ways to get in shape. Just try one of our classes and you’ll see why so many women choose pole dancing and belly dancing workouts!

We also offer intense personal trainer services for clients who want individual attention and personalized motivation. A personal trainer offers one-on-one sessions that are tailored to your exact fitness goals. Personal training is a great way to get professional advice and personal attention to reach your workout goals. Choose how much time you want to spend training and the rest is up to you!

Pay us a visit at Sams Personal Studio or take a look at our online schedule to discover the potential of our pole dancing classes, belly dancing classes, and personal fitness trainer sessions. Sams Personal Studio… the only original place to dance! Call us today to enroll in classes or learn more!

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